Men love my cellulite – Supersize webcam star gets paid to eat junk food

THIRTY STONE Caitlin Finley stuffs her face with 10,000 calories-a-day and flaunts her fat rolls for money – and her mum supports her.


The 22-year-old currently earns up to £130-a-week by guzzling junk food for her fat-loving fans on the internet.

Size 28 Caitlin loves her curvy body and is even trying to put on more weight.

“I love the way I look and I started actively putting on weight because it makes me feel sexy,” she said.

“My speciality is to rub and shake my belly for the camera.”

And the 4ft 11in webcam star hopes her voluptuous physique will help her become one of the biggest names on the “supersize big beautiful woman” scene.

Shockingly, rather than being appalled by her career choice, her mother Dorothy, 50, has given Caitlin her blessing and bizarrely even acts as her photographer.

“Mum is really supportive and proud of my career. She is my biggest cheerleader,” said Caitlin, who eats about five times the recommended daily calorie intake.

“She sometimes takes photos of me posing and helps me choose pictures to put on the site. It’s incredible to have her support.”

Despite her hefty size and worrying BMI of 80 (the healthy range is 18-25), Caitlin insists she’s healthy and has check-ups several times a year with her doctor.

“My blood pressure is athletic perfection. But I do get out of breath going up the stairs or walking short distances,” she said.

“If my health became badly affected, I’d consider slowing down. But I love what I do and I have no plans to stop.”

Despite Caitlin’s expanding waistline, her mum, who works with special needs children, is surprisingly happy to encourage her unusual career.

She said: “I’m her mum and I’ll support her whatever she wants to do. If this makes her happy, that’s fine by me.

“I think she looks beautiful in the photos.

“I do worry about Caitlin’s health but she goes to the doctor for check ups and seems to be fine.

“There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing – she’s not showing off her boobs or private areas, it’s just her curves.

“I’m proud of her and as long as she’s happy with her career, it’s fine by me.”


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