Couple slammed for having sex in front of children at a public park


Angry parents have slammed a couple for having sex near their children at a park in Hampshire

According to reports, the couple were spotted having a little too much al fresco fun at the aptly named Andover Park in Hampshire.

And disgusted parents, in a bid to stop their children witnessing the couple’s antics, were forced to drag them away.

One woman told the Daily Star: “Parents with little children were really angry – it’s not the sort of thing to do where there is a play park.

“Surely they could have found somewhere more secluded where children could not see them.

“There are plenty of woods and fields out in the countryside, or they could have just stayed at home in their bedroom.

“Maybe they got a kick out of being watched. But to do that in front of children was awful.

“I’m no prude but there’s surely a time and a place for it.”

Apparently not.

Despite parents attempting to get the randy couple busted for their antics, however, authorities were too late in arriving.

By the time they made it to the not-so-secret romantic rendezvous point, the duo had grabbed their clothes and made a quick getaway.

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