Charlotte Church responds after Katie Hopkins calls her a fat, Welsh Russell Brand


The feud between Katie Hopkins and Charlotte Church has exploded into life again – with Hopkins taking to her newspaper column to declare that she is up for Church’s recent offer of a boxing match.

But, while Hopkins went on to unleash an abusive rant against Church, the Welsh singer, who was attending the opening of a children’s hospital when made aware of Hopkins’ comments, doesn’t want to give the controversial personality the time of day.

When she was asked if she would do the boxing match with Hopkins as a charity fundraiser, Church coolly responded with: ‘I don’t want to say anything to take away from this incredible place.’

Hopkins, as expected, was far less mature, and went on to get personal about Church, stating that she is a ‘fat, Welsh Russell Brand.’

She wrote in The Sun: ‘Chubster Charlotte Church has been on my case this week. She even took to a loudspeaker to tell other Welsh people how mad she was, while chugging a Greggs’ steak slice side-ways in her rage – a fat, Welsh, Russell Brand.’

Her nastiness didn’t stop there. She added: ‘While you were eating sausage rolls in between songs, I was graduating from Sandhurst and running 800m for the Army. Despite being a different weight division, and the fact my arms dislocate when I sneeze, courtesy of my epilepsy, I still reckon I could knock that gurn off your face.’

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