BREAKING: Pupil ‘shoots teacher dead with crossbow’ at a school


A 13-year-old boy has been arrested in Spain for allegedly shooting a teacher dead with a crossbow at his school.

The unnamed pupil opened fire with the weapon at the Joan Fuster school in Barcelona at around 9.20am local time, sources told El Pais.

At least three students are believed to have been wounded and several ambulances were seen at the entrance this morning.

Witnesses claimed the boy first shot at a languages teacher, who was wounded, then stabbed that teacher’s daughter in the leg.

Hearing the screams, another teacher ran into the room and was shot in the abdomen, El Pais reported.

The man was said to be working as a substitute social sciences teacher at the school in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona.

Police have not confirmed what weapon was used but Spanish national television and numerous media outlets have claimed it was a crossbow.

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