A shocking Instagram photo of a baby smoking a cigarette has gone viral leading to accusations of child abuse

An 18-year-old woman, going under the name lapelirrojah_delbarriooh, has been reported to the police after she shared a photo of a baby ‘smoking’ a cigarette on Instagram.

The child’s lips can be seen pursed around the cigarette – and appears to be inhaling, judging by the appearance of the lit end of the cigarette.

Her relationship with the child remains unclear, but the accompanying caption reads: “Already smoking at one year old, love you little one, you’re my f****** life.”

The picture has attracted over 2,000 likes and 36,000 comments since it was uploaded in January – but, despite that, it has been slammed by many users on the social network.

One person wrote angrily: “You’re the worst of life itself!”

Another added: “It incredible that so many people who are trying for a baby will give up smoking because is poison for a baby.

“This girl is growing and still has its weak lungs, for me this is like making her drink poison.”

Health experts in Spain, meanwhile, have attacked the woman for even thinking to hold the cigarette to the infant’s mouth.


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