6st model – I’ve made £120k being squashed by 35st women


6st Odette Delacroix says men like to watch her being crushed by obese women

Super-slim Odette Delacroix has found an unusual way to make money from her slender frame – being squashed by overweight women.

Incredibly, the 5ft model has earned £120,000 from the bizarre fetish – known as “pig piling” – and says while men pay to watch the clips on her website, she also finds being crushed a turn-on.

Size 4 Odette, 25, says: “I know it sounds weird, but I love the feeling of being squashed, it’s a thrill, and the money is great. Even though I’m small, I can take the weight of five women.

“I’ve had a model with a 7ft bum squash me and another who weighed 35st. I’ve never had any injuries, but it can be dangerous – there’s a risk of suffocation. I pinch the models if I’m uncomfortable and there’s always someone watching.”

She adds: “Being squashed pays so well, I’ve been able to buy my own car, pay off my university fees, go on luxurious holidays and I’ve bought a three-bed home. It might sound like a strange career, but I love it.”

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